Missional Pathway

We at Good Shepherd are embarking on a journey this year.  Our faith walk is a journey with Christ, following Christ.  Missional Pathway is our next step, learning more about ourselves and our place in God's plan for our church and our community.  We'll discover our purpose and calling as we look to transform Good Shepherd from just a physical building into an entity of service and worship and glory to God.


The Missional Pathway is a four-step journey that includes you



In September we began with step one, Awaken.  In October we moved on to step two, Activate.


On Sunday, February 23, Good Shepherd will embark on step three of this journey, ASSESS.


If you have not yet been able to participate, you are still needed!  ASSESS is for each member of our congregation as a whole - you are important.  Whether you are a charter member, a new member of our family, or fall somewhere in-between, you have a perspective different from anyone else around you.  Your viewpoint, your opinion, your history is valuable.  Wo't you join us for an afternoon?


Lunch begins at 12pm and the training begins at 12:30pm.  The session ends at 5pm.  Childcare will be provided.



Pray for your and Good Shepherd's place in the community.  Pray for your and Good Shepherd's place in God's plan.  Let us walk this path together.  Let us walk with, and toward, Christ.


If you have questions about the Missional Pathway journey, contact the church office.